Friday, March 11, 2011


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Aaaaarrrggghhh Having one of those days!

I am usually a glass half full kind of person, but today was the perfect ending to a crummy week.

First there was the dang snow again, then I get stuck. Then my Son is on his way to school and the roads are so bad he calls me. I tell him to go back home.

My boss was in a “mood”, so of course that means I can’t do anything right, so i am subjected to his sarcastic wit for 8 hours.

I stop to get the dogs prescription from the vet on the way home, and they have no customers. I still have to wait around for 20 minutes. Of course, it was $56.40 for one month, a little more than I had expected, and that’s generic.

I get home, pack up orders and go to the post office. I stop at walgreens and get a few things….a woman is in there with 3 kids under 7 or so, and of course, all of them are screaming. I know what this is like, but now I have a headache. This woman appears to be having a much worse day than me however; I think about offering her the extra strength excedrin I am waiting to purchase, but decide not to, as I really need it bad now.

I need to go to the grocery store so I head that way. My husband decides to start texting me about mundane things. I pull in the grocery store parking lot and spend 10 min texting him. (He is at work) I go into the store, 10 minutes in line at the hot food counter (and I was the only one in line, couldn’t seem to locate an actual employee), 15 minutes in line at the deli…one person ahead of me who can’t make up her mind. “Do you have Swiss Cheese”, she asks? Then she wants to know what the difference is between baby Swiss and regular Swiss. “Is imported Swiss better?”, she asks. This goes on for over 10 minutes. Finally, she says “I’ll have 3 slices of the imported Swiss please.” “slice it on number 2”. AAARRRGGGHH!

I spend $175.47 for groceries. I look at the amount of food I have, and I am astounded! I guess the price of food has doubled along with the price of gas! It doesn’t look like I have that much stuff, and almost everything I bought was generic or store brand. Knock me over with a feather I tell you!

I get home. My hubby is at work, my Son with his girlfriend. I am looking forward to unloading the groceries, putting them away and relaxing while I wait for Excedrin headache # 5000,000 to go away. I walk in…….ooops, one of the four dogs has peed on the rug. Mustve been the entire bowl of water she snuck out of the toliet before I caught her! I get out the rug steamer and clean it up. Take all 4 dogs outside so I don’t have anymore surprises. Headache still there!

Go downstairs to pump the 500 gallons of water out of the basement. It snowed, and of course it all melted. It rained for the past 3 days, so of course all that water has no where to go but…you guessed it…into the basement!

I unload the groceries. I step onto the porch stair that is covered with ice. Ooops, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. I crawl to the banister and pull myself up, and pick up all of the groceries which went all over when the bag ripped as I fell. Wow, it’s amazing how far cans and bottle can roll! I’m still looking for 1 can of cream of chicken soup! I put the groceries away. I kind of expected that they would have multiplied in my vehicle…while I was busy…considering what I paid for them. Sadly, I am mistaken.

I text my husband to let him know I’m home safe. He decides to pick a fight about something stupid, or at least, I thought he was picking a fight. I guess he doesn’t think so;) Of course, he does this by text message.

So, I decide to go onto the forums here on bonz and vent my frustrations. There are positive, glass half full kind of thoughts running through my mind right now. After all, I do have a job, that i have had for 12 years so I can’t be that big of a screw up! My Husband has a job, after 18 months of unemployment. It’s a good thing too, being as how food is being sold at the price of gold! My Son has a girlfriend, so that means he must be half way nice to her…lol, and it means that he isn’t home to force me to watch jackass 3D with him again for the 10th time. “Mom, look at this part! It’s hilarious!” I do own a home, and even though the mortgage is “underwater”, it’s mine, and I can make the payments. I am still reasonably young, although not spry, so my fall/crawl adventure didn’t result in an extended amount of time in pain. I bought over-priced excedrin, so my headache is almost gone. I don’t live in Japan (I feel so sorry for those people, how horrible!), or any of those other places where there is war, and strife, and dictatorships, and horrible, dangerous weather! We have reliable transportation for everyone, so no one ever has to walk, or take the bus unless they want to. I have a sump pump, and I know the basement leaks, so nothing got ruined because there is nothing down there. I do have a husband, who cares enough that he picks a fight now and again to make my life interesting, and I can afford to take care of 4 very large dogs, who repay me by not looking at me with a shocked expression when they see me get out of the shower naked. We have this wonderful bonz “personal” forum, where I can vent my frustrations and all my bonz friends will comment and say" gee, I’m sorry you’re having a bad day, tomorrow will be better", and, I rest secure in the knowledge that there will be a tomorrow! You know what, maybe my day wasn’t so bad after all! Thanks for listening!!!!
BTW, the headache is gone1 this site is amazing!

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