Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ugly and Freaky Porcelain Bisque Doll-See it on

This is a porcelain bisque doll with 'japan" stamped across it's back. I was told this is circa 1910, but that was incorrect.  I have actually looked it up due to a tip I received, and the use of the stamp"Japan" actually started in 1922.  There are no other words or stamps, just "Japan."  This is a horribly ugly little thing, truly as ugly as sin. It has some kind of freaky bonnet on it's weird head. It's only about 2 inches tall, and it's arms and legs are all still connected. with wire. The bonnet looks home made, but I'm not sure. It does have a crack across it's creepy little face, and some of the paint is worn off. It's really bizarre, I collect dolls and have never before come across anything quite like this. This thing is actually freaking me out just being in the house, and I would like it gone, so feel free to make me a reasonable offer. I swear, it looks at me with it's creepy little head and I just cringe.
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