Sunday, January 16, 2011

10 Things Which Irritate Me

1. People who say "ideals" instead of "ideas." 
2. When the person behind the big red clown face, arches, the drive thru says "I'll take your order when u r ready."  So you start to talk and they say "Hold on a minute." Is this rocket science?
3. Parents who allow their children to have screaming fits and tantrums in the  store, bank, cafe...etc.  "Now Johnny, please stop screaming for Mommy..."  GET SERIOUS>>>take that kid outta there !!!
4. People who are close-minded.
5.  People who insist on clothing which is age inappropriate, too tight, too baggy, too loud, too slutty,  just because they make it in your size, or the size you wish you were...Just because it's your size doesn't mean u should wear it.  Do not be a GLAMOUR fashion DON"T.
6. Hypocrisy
7. Parents who never attend their children's plays, sporting events, recitals, etc...unless: They will be on tv, the news will be there, they are making a commercial or are being investigated for something. (Hey everyone, see what a good parent I am)
8. People who ride your ass in the slow lane....because they can't figure it out...(You know the type...YOU are in the SLOW LANE...they are behind YOU....Horns BLARING, on your bumper, fingers FLIPPING, and lights FLASHING....hey dumbass, I am going slow, thats why I'm in the SLOW LANE!!! Pass on the left!
9. People who force us to pass on the right on the know the type. Out for a Sunday drive, doing 45MPH is the passing lane.  WHO OWN THE ROAD AND WILL NOT MOVE!!!  You agonizingly follow them for miles, as traffic builds into the next county...They are the reason "rush hour" is slow.  "Please God, make these idiots to move, I'm begging you...don't make me PASS ON THE RIGHT!" When you do....they flip you off.
10.  When they open a new checkout line in the grocery store and don't say "I'll take the next person in line."  I swear, when that light goes on...if you can't get out of the way, curl up in a ball!!1 Stop, drop, and roll...the stampede will come from the back of the store.


  1. I agree with all of these! Sometimes people just plain suck. LOL.

  2. LOL, it gets so frustrating sometimes doesn't it!