Monday, February 28, 2011

The Secrets to Live, Love and Avoiding Insanity

 I wrote this some time ago, as I sat around pondering the approach of my 44th birthday, I was a little depressed about it, and I was thinking of things that I had learned in my life.  The man that I allude to...when I speak of finding the perfect person for you and running like hell (towards them, not away), actually became my husband on October 30th 2010. It's funny how things change;) 

I thought I'd like to share it with you!

This is what I've learned as I've grown older....

Dates/spouses/boyfriend/girlfriend, may come and go....but you're REAL TRUE friends really are there forever...don't throw them over for your relationship.
Men/women basically don't change, you shouldn't try to change them, it just isn't fair.
When the car is on E, stop and get gas...your Father won't always be around to bring it to you.
When raising children, throw out all the rule books, you'll get it right all by yourself. (with some help from MOM)
Sisters are your best friends...and your worst enemies....I'm so glad you can't hide the last can of Coke from me ever again....(Laura, Michelle and Rachel-HA!)
Pets are great to talk too....they don't talk back, they  kiss you when you need it, you can kick them out of the bedroom whenever you want, they are soft and feel good, they love you no matter what, and they don't judge you when you are getting out of the shower..naked.
Speaking of pets, the death of  a pet can affect you just as much as the death of a friend or loved one.  I have learned that the pain will ease, but you will never forget.
I have learned that promises are broken, in fact, they may be meant to be broken, and it only makes you stronger.
That there are no rules to relationships, you just try to do the best you can, and hope for the best.  Give 100% to someone you care about, and hopefully they will give back 100%...if they don't, kick their butt  to the curb. They're not gonna change. Just pick yourself off and dust yourself off, and get back on the horse.
That web dating is a crap shoot.
That the people you are interested in romantically almost always seem to live too far away, are already taken, or are not when you find someone thats available, scoop them up and run like hell.
That when a man says he doesn't have time to see you, or hes always working, or hes always..for whatever reason unavailable...get the heck out. Quit torturing yourself. face up to the fact that he is just not that into you, and that he just doesn't have the guts to tell you.  Grab your bruised heart  and run... remember, hes not gonna change. (I guess this can apply to women too)  Remember, and repeat after me..."He/she is not gonna change."  (wish I wouldve learned this one 20 years ago...would've saved myself a lot of heartache.)
That fate may play a part in where your life heads...but you really ARE in charge of your own destiny.
That black grains of rice in the white rice box are not wild rice....a mouse has gotten into your cabinets.
That a cat can solve the above problem.
That some of the grossest bugs in the world are 1000 leggers and silverfish, both freak me out....
That smokers believe they have a right to smoke, and non-smokers believe they have a right not to have to smell/breathe it...and that they are both right
Take care of your Mom, or whomever the adult was who raised you.  They may not have been the best MOM.,(my Mom is the best, love you) but they did the best they possibly could.
Treat your children well...see above. LOL
That "I'll call you" does not imply a promise...which is meant to be broken anyways...It can mean all kinds of things, some not nice, and instead of getting upset about it, move on. If its meant to be, it will.
That events/experiences which happen in our lives can completely change the direction our life is taking...and that it's ok. Roll with it.
That it's better to have an opinion and take crap over it, than to not have one at all.
That listening is sometimes more important than talking, (usually) LOL...unless of course, you are stating your opinion.
That the perfect person is out there...the one thats perfect for you. The one whose faults don't make you crazy..or if they do make you can still function normally in public . But be aware  that you may only have them for a short don't make yourself crazy over analyzing every word he/she says, or does, and enjoy the time you have with them, no matter how long, or how short:(
That the dead probably do walk.
That the love of a child is love in it's purest form, especially if it's from your child
That sometimes you just have to say "wth?"
That rolling on the floor laughing is fun, and everyone should do it.
That you should never be too specific when giving a child instructions...My Son was 7 years old, i think, and I told him Mommy was gonna take a nap. "Do not wake me up unless the house was on fire." I woke up an hour later...and whoops!!! Stepped into a huge pile of dog poo . I asked him" why didn't you wake me up if the dog had to go out""...he replied "because the house wasn't on fire."
That sometimes you give a lot more than you get, but the person you gave to will remember forever.
That exes are exes for a reason! And, it's not too smart to go back:)
That exes teach you. They teach you to know what you don't want, what's a deal breaker , and that looks aren't always everything. Exes allow you to realize what you have found once you find it!
Exes are also good for giving you the most important person, or persons, in your life, your children!
I have learned that just because they make it in my size, it doesn't mean I should wear it.
Never ask an honest person or a relative if something makes your butt look big. In my family, that is a recipe for disaster!
That your Son can be 6'1" tall, and 215 pounds, but when you look at him you still see the baby, and the boy...behind the man he has become!
That my Dad was right when he told me I had to learn to drive a stick shift because that meant I could drive anything if I had to or wanted to, and then he taught me. I have driven stick shifts, automatics, motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATV's, big trucks, little trucks, dirt bikes and more! Thanks to Dad's excellent instruction my body is still intact. Love you Dad!

I'm sure if I think on it a while I will be adding to this, so stay tuned for part 2!