Saturday, January 15, 2011

About Me

A little about me...I'm a married female in my forties, and no, I won't tell you where in my forties I am.  I have one Son, who is almost 17, and a fantastic husband, we've been married 3 months.  We have 4 dogs, 2 chinchillas and 2 fish tanks.

I enjoy selling/buying online. I have sold for years on ebay, and I have recently begun selling on Bonanza.  My booth is here

I have a strong interest in magazine back issues and other paper collectibles such as magazine prints and other ephemera   I have a little of everything, Ford, GM, Chrysler print ads, Jell-o, Bon Ami, and more. I also have a lot of tattoo and body piercing magazines, fiction and non-fiction books, and, once in a while some really bizarre items. You should stop by and check it out.

We picked up some beautiful vintage china today made by the Johnson Brothers from England. It's "The Old Mill" pattern, made from the 40's through the 70's, and it's really exquisite. Went to this old warehouse in Cleveland, Ohio. The place was such a mess it seriously looked as if a bomb went off and scattered the contents of the building everywhere. I managed to get myself trapped in a corner, I went in easy enough, but couldn't figure how to get back out! But the!

The building used to be an old meat packing plant and was really interesting all by itself. I'm sure it would have some stories to tell.
I'm new at this blogging thing, not sure if anyone will be interested, but check back oftion...every once in a while I have something profound to say!

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